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TechOn Dussehra, take home this amazing 5G smartphone from VIVO with 108MP...

On Dussehra, take home this amazing 5G smartphone from VIVO with 108MP camera quality for just Rs 14,999.

On Dussehra, take home this amazing 5G smartphone from VIVO with 108MP camera quality for just Rs 14,999.Hello friends, all of you are thinking of buying a 5G mobile phone, so for all of you, I think VIVO Company’s smartphone is going to prove to be very good because this mobile phone has You are given a powerful battery of 7500mAh and 108MP primary camera in this mobile phone, along with this you get many advance features in it and the price of this mobile phone is only Rs 14,999.

Vivo V26 Pro 5G Mobile All Specification In Hindi

If you people are thinking of buying this mobile phone, then you should get the information about its features very well, because in this smartphone you have been given very good Camera Quality, Battery Backup and the quality of the processor of the smartphone is very good. It has been given tremendous and in this mobile phone you get many advance features which are being liked a lot by the people. Information about all the features of this smartphone has been given to you step by step in this article. You guys must read this article from beginning to end.

Vivo V26 Pro 5G Mobile Camera Quality

Display Quality: Now if we were talking about this display or you have got a very good quality display in the smartphone, which 6.7 inch Super AMOLED display has been given in the mobile phone and also on its display you people It has a refresh rate of 120Hz. Apart from this, Gorilla Glass has also been given in it, which makes our mobile phone much more secure and a fingerprint sensor has been installed on its display, which is liked a lot by girls. Used to be.

Vivo V26 Pro 5G Mobile Processor Review

If we talk about its processor, then you all get a powerful processor in this smartphone, which is the 5G processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 installed in this mobile phone and also you can play video games in this mobile phone. You can because Android 14 support has also been provided in it and the processor of this smartphone works very fast.

Vivo V26 Pro 5G Phone RAM & Storage

Now if we talk about the storage quality of this mobile phone, you all get very good quality storage in this mobile phone which has given you 256GB and 512GB storage in this smartphone and talk about the RAM quality in this smartphone. So in this you have been given 8GB and 12GB RAM, so people can also buy the smartphone according to their budget.

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VIVO V26 Pro 5G Phone Price 2023

If we talk about the camera quality of this smartphone, then apart from the 108MP primary camera, this smartphone has been given 8MP Ultra Wide Lens and 2MP Micro Lens Camera. Also, if we talk about the selfie camera, then it has You have been fitted with a 32MP Selfie Camera at the front, with which you will be able to capture very good quality photos in your smartphone. VIVO V26 Pro 5G Phone Rate

Vivo V26 Pro 5G Mobile Battery Power

Now we were talking about the battery of this mobile phone, friend, you have been given a very powerful battery in the smartphone, which is 7500mAh, the powerful battery you get in this phone and 100W fast charging has been given in this mobile phone. With this you can charge your smartphone very quickly and here the battery of the smartphone lasts comfortably for 2 to 3 days.

Vivo V26 Pro 5G Mobile Price Detail

If we talk about this price, then you will get this mobile phone for Rs. 14,999. If you people order it from the link given by me below, then all of you will be given a discount of Rs. 2000 on the smartphone.

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