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Sixer web series download vegamovies, Filmyzilla: The Sixer TV series starring Shivankit Singh Parihar, Badri Chavan, Rahul Tewari, Karishma Singh, Brij Bhushan Shukla in the lead role has already been released on Amazon mini TV on 11 November 2022. The director of the Sixer TV series is Chaitanya Kumbhakonum. The type of TV series is drama and sports. The Sixer TV series is produced by Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Chaitanya Kumbhakonum, and Shreyansh Pandey.

The story of Sixer is a great TV series because, at this time, many sports-related movies and web series have been made but this is quite different because this does not only belong to cricket but also has the story of many small stories of characters and cast.

Sixer web series download vegamovies
Release dateNovember 11, 2022 (India)
StarsShivankit Singh Parihar, Badri Chavan
Rahul Tewari
Runtime49 minutes
Genres Drama, Sport
CreatorsArunabh Kumar, Shreyansh Pandey
Shivankit Singh Parihar

The thing which can hold the pepper till the end is what will happen with the tournament whether they will win or not, what will happen to Nikku’s family, and what will be their future of them. What will happen to other cricketers as well? Sixer is a TV series that does not have multiple locations of the series but the only location they have shown in the movie is of an Indore state. The Sixer TV series has 6 episodes varying the time from 41 to 74 minutes.

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The TV series Sixer was released on Amazon mini TV on 10 November 2022. The story of the TV series and content shows how easy they are to win the local tournament, but for them, it meant a lot and they wanted to make Vijetanagar proud in the whole of Indore. The Production company for the TV series is Contagious Online Media Network. The cinematography of the TV series was done by Ashwin Kadamboor.

sixer web series download from vegamovies in Hindi

The music and score of the Sixer TV series have been composed by Rohan Rohan. Mansy Sangwan is a hair stylist. Akshata Bagde is an assistant makeup artist. Garvit Janshali is the post-production supervisor. Vishal Naik and Akanksha Prabhune are production executives. Chetan Naitam and Niharika Rathod are production managers. Abhishek Pandey is the production controller. Gaurav Rungta is head of the post-production. Sudesh Salvi is the unit production manager. Mehboob Shaikh is the post-production coordinator.

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Syed Zaid Ali, Prajesh Mishra, and Zohaib Ali are Line producers. Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Vijay Koshy, Chaitanya Kumbhakonum, and Shreyansh Pandey are executive producers. Pranav Thakkar is a co-executive producer. Shivani Sinha is supervising producer. Mrinal Pant is a creative producer. Arun Kumar is an associate producer. Akshit Grover is an associate creative producer. The casting of Sixer has been done by Mukesh Chhabra. Sixer production has been designed by Abhimanyu Jai. Costumes are designed by Shivangi Shrivastav.

Sixer web series download filmyzilla

sixer web series download filmyzilla: Sixer TV series has been distributed by Amazon mini TV. The editor of the Sixer TV series is Akash Bundhoo. The story of Sixer has been written by Harish Peddinti and Shivankit Singh Parihar. The original story is by Shivankit Singh Parihar. The story of the Sixer TV series is developed by Shivankit Singh Parihar, Shreyansh Pandey, and Arunabh Kumar.


sixer tv series storyline

The Sixer series has 6 episodes in total.
Episode 1: Switch Hit: The story starts with the city called Indore. Nikku is called the destroyer because he plays well. He is the star batsman of Indore. He lived in Vijayanagar but when it comes to tournaments he went to some other team because that team always and Vijayanagar does not have a lot of players.

One of the local politicians named Anant Pratap Singh slapped him in front of everyone although he was playing for his team. Nikku was asked to play from Vijetanagar and after that, he joined their team even though his father did not want him to play for Anant Pratap Singh’s team. On the other hand at Nikku’s house, the financial crisis was going on.

Episode 2: Balle Baazi: Nikku was back in Vijayanagar Vijetas’s team but before they registered the team they found out someone just registered and that was one of the guys. They decided that whosoever will win in the one match will register and play by Vijaynagar Vijetas. Nikku’s team won. Vijaynagar Vijetas had one more player named Arshad.

Arshad was the part of Indore cricket team the district one but due to personal issues, the coach was not giving attention to him even if he did the right work at the right time. Arshad did not catch one ball and due to that, the coach insulted him. He decided to play for Vijaynagar Vijetas as they need one good bowler. Nikku lost his bat, and one of the boys from his team took it to collect good bats.

Episode 3: Match Day Live: On the first day of the tournament, Arshad was with Vijaynagar Vijetas and they started playing but after the first inning of the match Anant Pratap Singh came to inaugurate the tournament because he is the one who was funding the tournament. He did the spiritual part and played on the pitch as well but meanwhile, Arshad has to go to his academy because everyone has to go to watch the India-Australia match.

He ditched the tournament because he got late and went to the academy. He reached on time but his coach did not allow him to go as a punishment. He went again to the tournament and saved his team by bowling out everyone. Nikku gave all the prize money to the broker.

Episode 4: Golden Duck: Nikku wanted to win the prize money and that is why he played selfishly and did not let the other player bat. At last, they won the match but people did not like his behavior. People were celebrating meanwhile Sanjay got selected for the Indian cricket team for the Bangladesh tour and to celebrate that Sanjay asked Nikku and Aussie to go on a ride with him.

They ended up going into a bar where they usually used to go. Shanu came and forcefully entered the bar, even though Sanjay had booked the whole bar. Shanu was saying rubbish things about their girlfriend of Sanjay and he got furious and started fighting with Shanu. Anyhow Shanu and their friends went away from the bar but they had a video of them fighting and if he viral that video then definitely his career will be ruined.

Shanu asked for four lakh rupees from Sanjay to delete that video. In the end, Sanjay gave in and closed the matter. But the real story is different. Shanu first sent the video to Nikku and he played smartly to gain the money. He told Shanu to ask for 4 lakhs from Sanjay and 2 lakhs will be his and 2 will of Shanu.

Episode 5: Superb Over: It was the semi-finale. Vijaynagar Viketas were playing against Rajwada Warriors. Nikku played well and scored well. The target for Rajwada warriors was 142 to win the semi-final against Vijaynagar Vijetas. Arshad played the major role in running out everyone but he also has a limit to give the over. Alok allowed Rajesh Bhaiya to know that he has a problem with his chest.

At the end of Rajesh’s over the score was equal so now there will be one superb over. In the last two balls of Rajesh, he rocked and they won. In the end, Rajesh’s wife got to know that he is playing cricket. In the end, everyone was against the Nikku because he chooses someone due to his ego and everyone was told that due to Rajesh Bhaiya, they won’t win the match.

Episode 6: Nikku came back home and decided not to play for Vijaynagar Vijetas because they do not want him. Rajwada Warriors just asked him and made him say yes for them for the finals because they knew his weakness.

In the end, Nikku played with his team which is Vijaynagar Vijetas and played well. But they just lost the match by 1 run. Everyone was feeling very disgusted as they lost the match but on the other hand, they were happy to get the runner’s up trophy.

sixer tv series download OTT

As we all know, the Sixer TV series has been only uploaded on Amazon Mini TV. It is not available also on Amazon Prime Video. This web series shows the motive behind everyone’s life. It includes the story of every single character and how they achieved it because everyone has their advantages and drawbacks. I love the series and the reviews of the series are great.

The IMDB rating of the series is 8.6 out of 10. As we all know people from all over India consider the best and by seeing that people watch the movie or series. It is free so there could be a possibility that it could come on any other OTT platform as well to watch for their subscribers by purchasing the copyright of the series.

What is Sixer based on?

Sixer is the story of Nikku (also played by Parihar)

Where can I watch the Sixer series?

Right now you can watch Sixer on Amazon Prime

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