Raj Grover youtuber Biography, age, Networth Girlfriend 2023

Raj Grover youtuber Biography, age, Networth Girlfriend, 2023 : an Indian social media star and influencer known for his hard work and dedication on the lip-syncing app TikTok. Born into a middle-class family in Mumbai, Maharashtra on October 5, 2000, Raj is a content creator, model, and social media influencer. Besides TikTok, he has gained a significant following on Instagram, where he showcases his talents and interacts with his fans. In this article, we will explore Raj’s age, family, girlfriend, height, weight, income, and other interesting details.

Raj Grover youtuber Biography, age, Networth Girlfriend 2023

Raj Grover youtuber Biography

Born on October 5, 2005 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Raj Grover hails from a middle-class family. He has risen to fame as an Indian social media star, initially gaining popularity through his TikTok videos which went viral. With a massive following of 828.177K+ on TikTok, Raj’s online career took off and he soon became a well-known personality across various social media platforms. His success on TikTok was followed by his rise to popularity on YouTube, where he currently boasts 8.30M subscribers on his channel.

Raj Grover Instagram

After Tiktok was banned in India, Raj launched his Instagram career on February 27, 2020. He has since amassed a following of 1M on his Instagram page, which is filled with his comedic videos and photos. Raj’s posts and videos are well-received by his followers, who appreciate his talent and hard work. As a popular comedian, he has won the hearts of millions with his dedication and determination.

Raj Grover youtube

In addition to his other social media platforms, Raj has also established a YouTube channel which has garnered 8.30M subscribers. On this channel, he shares his comedic videos, showcasing his acting skills and impeccable timing. His talent has endeared him to millions of fans who appreciate his content and sense of humor.

Raj Grover Girlfriend

Amidst his busy career, many wonder about Raj Grover’s relationship status and whether he has a girlfriend. However, Raj is currently focused on his career and is not looking to pursue a romantic relationship at the moment. His main priority is to maintain a balance between his career and personal life before committing to any relationship. Nonetheless, he shares a close friendship with Saheli Rudra, who supports and assists him in various endeavors. In conclusion, Raj is currently single and unmarried.

Raj Grover Networth

Raj Grover is a well-known Indian model, content creator, Instagram star, and social media influencer. Given his success, many may wonder about his wealth and net worth. It’s natural to be curious about how much content creators can earn online, and in Raj’s case, his net worth is reported to be 70 lakhs, with social media platforms serving as his primary source of income.


  • Raj Grover’s YouTube channel has achieved an impressive milestone, amassing over 4 lakh subscribers in just six months. With a passion for acting
  • Raj enjoys exploring his talent in this area. In terms of income, he earns between 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh monthly. Alongside his other pursuits, Raj also has a keen interest in photoshoots.
  • With his natural talent and excellent sense of humor, Raj is a truly gifted individual. His career began with the uploading of short videos on Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Over time, he has built a significant following on these platforms, thanks to his amazing comedic videos.
What is raj grover date of birth ?

Raj Grover’s date of birth is 5 October 2000

What is the net worth of Raj Grover?

Raj grover’s net worth is estimated between 1 lakh to 70 lakhs


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