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Pitchers web series download filmyzilla, Vegamovies : The Pitchers TV series starring Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, Abhay Mahajan, Maanvi Gagroo, Riddhi Dogra, Sikandar Kher, Abhishek Benerjee, Pranav Bhasin in lead role has already been released on Zee 5 on 23 December, 2022. The director of the Pitchers TV series is Arunabh Kumar and Vaibhav Bundhoo. The type of the TV series is comedy, drama and start up. The Pitchers TV series is produced by The Viral Fever Media Labs. Executive producer is Arun Kumar.

The story of Pitchers is a great TV series and shows the real struggle behind a good and profitable business which everyone wants to start but in this season they have mainly focused on lot of other ideas and new concepts and how to tackle the situation. The thing which can hold the people till the end is to know if they will be able to make it or not, how they will make it and if yes then to whom they will do the deal. If they got the deal then how would they use it for their profitability.

Manor location which was used in the pitchers TV series is Mumbai, Nashik, Bangalore and many more but everything has been shot in India. The Pitchers TV series has 5 episodes varying the time from 30 to 57 minutes.

Pitchers web series download filmyzilla, Vegamovies

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The TV series Pitchers released on Zee 5 on 23 December, 2022. The story of the TV series and content shows the real struggle behind the big smile and professionalism, how much they have to sacrifice and what are the struggles in start up companies . The Production company for the TV series is The Viral Fever Media Labs. Cinematography of the TV series was done by MVaibhav Bundhoo.

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Pitchers web series download vegamovies : Music and score of the Pitchers TV series has been composed by Vaibhav Bundhoo. In June 2021, Zee 5 announced that they will release the Pitchers season 2. It was announced officially on December 5, 2022. Trailer was released on 13 December, 2022.

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After the first season release of pitchers it took seven years to make the second season of pitchers. First season was available on YouTube for free. The second season of Pitchers is now available on the Zee 5 original platform where you have to take subscriptions.

pitchers full web series Download filmyzilla

Pitchers web series download filmyzilla : Pitchers TV series has been distributed by The Viral Fever and Zee 5. Editor of the Pitchers TV series is Prashant Machhar. The story of Pitchers has been written by Kumar, Prashant Kumar, Shubham Sharma and Talha Siddiqui.

Pitchers tv series storyline

Pitchers second season has 5 episodes.

Episode 1: The Valley:

In the previous season we knew that they got the funding and started their business. Now they were famous and the employees were good in their company. They need funding to run business and if not got then they could break their startup. They wanted to get a partnership with KC Enterprise. KC was not giving them the attention and did not want to meet them.

They tried to meet KC a lot of times but he is not ready to meet and sometimes in some meetings of owners he just does not come. KC Enterprise was in the same sector as them. Naveen met one of his friends who already had one good start up company. He said that he has to change his mindset and think differently. After that Naveen thought that he has to do something which makes KC meet them forcefully.

Naveen thought to tweet something bad about the KC and that will make KC want to meet them and after some days of tweeting, they got the call from someone from the KC office and asked them to meet them because that tweet was retweeted many times and liked by many people. When they met first KC said NO but after Naveen’s speech he said yes in INR 50 crore.

Episode 2: The Pivot:

They were celebrating the partnership with KC Enterprise and everyone was happy. Employees were thinking about bonuses and increments. Suddenly they got the news that Alpha 1 got a deal with KC Enterprise for INR 70 crore. Prabhas snatched the deal by giving more money to KC.

After this failure they did not know what to do and slowly every employee of the company wanted to know about the failure. They were thinking of getting a new and bigger office for everyone after the deal but that was pending. Thay do not know what to do and suddenly Naveen thought to change their approach. Like the idea after starting the business.

To change the product, the name will be Pragati but they will change it. Prachi told Naveen that it is too soon to change it and they have to think twice but Naveen thought there is no other way. Prachi is told to find one CTO in just 3 days so they can just present it in front of everyone. Lot of people were coming for interviews and one was sent by Prachi. One came whose name was dungeon. He got selected as CTO.

Episode 3: The Sprint:

That was difficult because Naveen had a word with everyone in the office that they will finish the work within 30 days which is their new approach. Everyone promised but to design a completely new product and make it is going to be difficult for them. They have announced the date of their launch. They almost got ready but in the office people were frustrated by all the things.

Because Naveen, Yogi and Saurabh told everyone that they can live in an office and stay here and work all the time. They were told to give reimbursement to everyone about food but that also did not happen. People were fighting for food, for space, for using toilets and many more things. Before 3 days of launching the product, they all started to resign and on the same day almost everyone resigned.

Naveen, Yogi and Saurabh met everyone in the office and told what the difficulty they are facing. They told one by one the difficulties and Naveen was disturbed by it so he went away.

Episode 4: The North Star Metric:

product was launched as they convinced everyone to give them all facilities. Business was good now they have to start doing pitches to everyone so they at least get one deal. The three of them were thinking of all three things which are valuation, money in bank and employee satisfaction. Dungeon was asking about the partnership percentage but Naveen put him on hold.

They started pitching and started getting good responses from the owners because they liked their idea after the pivot. They were happy and suddenly Saurabh started feeling pain and he was hospitalized but still working from hospital to gain the people and more and more people use the application of Pragati. He worked hard and came back to the office.

But one by one all the offers turn into denial. The reason was Pragati did not pay the tax of around INR 25 lakhs. People said that we do not work like this and we do not like to work with some company who do illegal work. After that Naveen got to know about the tax notice from some owner. So at the end he did not have any deal.

Episode 5: The Term Sheet:

Dhe to this tax notice, Naveen was furious because they lost all the deals. He said so many things to Yogi because Yogi was responsible for it. Yogi felt bad and left from there and after that he said so many things to Saurabh as well. He also left at his brother’s place due to a function in Nashik. Naveen got a call from one of the owners. He asked a group of them that he got a call to meet, Saurabh replied that he is in Nashik.

He went alone. Naveen got the offer from Prabhash there that Alpha 1 can acquire Pragati. Naveen did not say anything. Everyone gathered and discussed and decided not to give Pragati to Prabhash. Naveen called Ashneer and fixed a meeting in Bangalore with one owner but they also said no.

All three of them were sitting in an office which was going to be sold and everything was packaged and suddenly KC came and told him sorry and at the end he had to deal with him. This is how they managed to do it. They told KC one thing that they are pitchers and pitch to everyone until they get someone.

Trailer :

pitchers web Series download OTT

First season of pitchers was on YouTube but the second season was released on Zee5. People were excited for the second season because they knew that this is best. IMDB rating are very nice so there are options and ways that it could come on other platforms as well which are mentioned below:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Voot
  • Sony LIV
  • MX Player
  • Disney Plus Hotstar

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Where can I watch Pitchers season?

you can watch Pitchers Series on Prime Video

What is the story of Pitchers?

The story follows four friends Jitu, Yogi, Mandal and Naveen who quit their jobs in order to develop their own start-up company.


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