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The Kerala Story is a movie based on true events that encourage deep contemplation. The film was released on May 5, 2023. Its storyline is its most compelling aspect, as it possesses the ability to bring forth the truth just like The Kashmiri Files. It takes great courage to present such narratives on the big screen, and no one has done it before in Indian cinema. The cast delivered excellent performances in the film, which had a low budget and was able to reach audiences on its own without any promotion.

Release dateMay 5, 2023 (India)
StarsPranav Misshra, Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani
DirectorsSudipto Sen , Vipul Amrutlal Shah
WritersSuryapal Singh, Sudipto Sen
Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Production CompanySunshine Pictures

The Kerala Story Movie Download vegamovies

According to the creators of this film, it is inspired by a real-life event. However, there are some who are skeptical of the movie’s authenticity and question whether the events depicted in the film actually occurred, or if it is simply propaganda. There are even those who claim that the movie contains inaccuracies.

The film centers around the character of Shalini, a Hindu girl studying in a nursing college. The movie’s trailer opens with a scene where an officer asks her how she joined ISIS, to which she replies, “Instead of asking how I joined, ask why I joined.” The film follows Shalini’s life story, including how she was targeted and her religion was changed through persuasion.

Throughout the movie, it depicts how Hindu girls are specifically targeted and converted to Islam. Shalini, who comes from a common Hindu family and attends a good college, has a life-changing experience when she befriends a Muslim. The movie explores how this friendship leads to her radicalization and eventual recruitment into ISIS.

In one poignant scene, Shalini reveals that she is not alone in her situation. She claims that over 32,000 Hindu and Christian girls like her have been forcibly converted to Islam and recruited into ISIS to be sent to countries like Iraq and Syria.

The Kerala Story Movie Download MP4movies

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